Hello Internet People,

I’m Ben and I am a want-to-be writer.  My friends Justin and Christian and I decided to start this blog as a way to get some of our writing out there and as a way to promote some of the larger projects we are working on.  Hoping to add to this I have proposed that we also start some of these behind the scenes type posts to help us keep you informed with what those projects may be and how they are coming along, and, (because we can all use the extra motivation), to keep us honest with our output.

The main goal of this blog is still to have a place for us to post some short work, and expand on our collective creative world, which includes you.  We want to leave these stories open to be taken by whoever is interested to places you see them going.  As a writer, (I’m sure you can agree with me), the prospect of giving your ideas and beloved characters over to the general public is terrifying, but, as Justin has pointed out to me, it could lead to some extraordinary stories.  Who knows what worlds we can start, and what they can become.  You might be able to expand them into things we have never imagined, (which is pretty exciting for me).  What if the cab driver who had nothing more to do than drop off the protagonist in one story, had his own adventures in another?  And the woman he drove past in his story went on a jungle safari and discovered a lost civilization in her own?  I think those possibilities are worth the risk, and so do my colleagues.

The biggest obstacle we have been facing is the one that most writers I talk with seem to share.  You can have all the ideas in the world, but that doesn’t mean you have the motivation to actually write them out.  That’s where I see these posts coming in.  We can verbalize our production, or lack there of, keeping in touch with the readers on how our individual writing is going.  My hope is that you will be interested in this struggle, and that, in writing about it, we can get over these struggles together.  Chances are you are having similar issues, or you have found the solution that works for you and want to share it.  Also, you probably know how much a simple show of interest from another person can kick start your productivity.  We also think it will be interesting to have a forum to talk about the stories, what we think they are about, or where the ideas came from.

So that makes this the first, and hopefully not the last, post on this blog that speaks to what the writers are up too behind the stories, and in the interest of getting the ball rolling, my first story is up, my second one is written, but not typed, and I have begun work on my first novel, but haven’t finished the first chapter.  I plan on having my second story out on this site by next week, along with another post on my process in getting that story finished.  Any information on my potential novel will be found on my own blog that will have these posts as well.  You can find it at

Also, make sure to check out Justin and Christian’s personal blogs.  The links are at the side of the page.


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