Stepping on Toes

Hello everyone. I wanted to write a little something, but I didn’t think it warranted a whole blog post especially since I try to post on my own blog on Thursdays. I though I should get it out there though and it’s about writing so I thought I would put it here in the behind the writing section. I feel badly for posting so quickly after Christian’s excellent post about his last story (since this is just drivel and his is a nicely thought out examination of his story), so I’m mentioning it and even going overboard with a link! (

First thing is, I have to give a little thanks to my friend Mandy ( ) who pointed out to me that my love for parentheses had a fatal flaw. Me. I am the fatal flaw. Though my knowledge of grammar is vast, it wasn’t thorough enough to know that commas do not go before parentheses. I’m not about to go back and fix my old posts, but I am striving to write them more properly in the future.

Secondly, I wanted to talk about my weekend. I was bad. I did very little work and I totally missed a deadline that I had for another project. I’m not saying I did nothing. I do volunteer and the weekends are the times I get to spend with my family (though I don’t get to do that as often as I’d like). I also work on weekends, but I have to admit that I didn’t this last weekend. I did a lot of nothing, and it was everything I imagined it could be (bonus points for spotting the reference). The problem comes when I miss deadlines and hardly get any writing done. I don’t regret it though. (Well maybe a little, but I am a guilty type of person). I feel refreshed and ready to get some writing done. I was so eager this morning that I felt compelled to write and post this totally out of my schedule. I’m going to take that as a good sign.

Story number two is yet to be typed, story three is coming along, though it keeps going and I’m not sure where it’s going to stop. Hopefully it will end before February is over (otherwise it will have to be a multiple parter).

Yours in Awesomeness,

3 thoughts on “Stepping on Toes

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  2. Don’t be too hard yourself Ben! Besides, I think I may be the undisputed king of bad grammar. So next to me, your work is flawless lol.

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