I Let Things Get Out Of Hand

It’s true, I do.  What I’m talking about this time however is the short story I’ve been writing.  It’s getting long.  Way too long to be put up here as a single post.  What is funny about that is that I haven’t even been working on it as much as I would like.  (On a side note, I’ve been giving myself rankings on how well I did with writing each day.  So far it’s all better than before, but nowhere near where I’d like to be.)

The short and long of it is that it’s looking like I’ll be posting my next story (that is the one after the next one) in at least two parts, maybe three.  It just keeps getting longer and longer.  I’ll tell myself that I just have to get my character from where he is now to over there.  But it’ll take me three pages.

Don’t worry, it’s not all description (I’ve already talked about my issues with Tolkien).  But, as many writers have discovered, my character has his’ own ideas.  At one point, for example, he is told to go see someone, but rather than just showing up at the office he wanted to go for the walk and meet some people on the way.  I had no control over that, it was his decision.  It might end up being a good thing for you readers though.  It means you are going to get more story.  So I guess it’s good if you like the story.  Either way, my priority has shifted to getting my other story typed and up on the site, then I keep going with my current story and see where it takes me, because apparently I have no control over that.

3 thoughts on “I Let Things Get Out Of Hand

  1. Well first and foremost thank you for the ‘Story Map’ as you know I love to collect all things that will distract me from actually doing the writing while making me feel like a writer LOL — but yeah I can completely understand where you are coming from. Stories and characters always seem to have a way of creating a life for themselves way outside our intended mandates — Ok today I am going to write a one hundred word short short that ends up being an Epic piece with so many names within it that I need to go out and buy more notebooks — but yeah I feel you 🙂

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