Assimilated into the Collective

Hello everyone!

I’m the Alanna that Ben was mentioning.  I’m excited to join in the adventure here, and I hope to add some excitement and intrigue with my own literary works on this blog.

A little about me:  I’ve been writing, essentially, since I was fourteen.  It didn’t take the traditional form for most of these years, however.  I have been a text roleplayer for many years.  Now, you may think that sounds pretty geeky, and while it (proudly) is, it actually gave me a wonderful foundation for using a keyboard to allow words to flow with characters that would take on lives of their own.  Some of my works will be stories about the many characters I have played, as I’ve always wanted to turn their tales into longer (and interesting) stories.  Some of my works will be fresh and new, occasionally I am going to try and begin from a cue from another writer’s stories (from here), and make that a jumping off point for a short story of my own.  I’ll admit, I’m not overly wonderful at writing short stories – you see, my stories tend to take on a bigger-than-life-essence, and I always find it hard to give up characters to a single story.  However, this is all about developing as a writer, so it’s something new I plan on trying in between some of my old tried and true methods.

I want to thank Justin, Ben and Christian for letting me into the “No Girls Allowed” club.  I don’t find a huge difference between female and male writers, except that (in general) we’re usually better at writing characters in our own genders (especially main characters).  Hopefully, my own male characters will have the correct “feeling” to them when I attempt this.  My own writing tends to lean towards fantasy, heavily, but I will attempt some other genres as well.  Some pieces will be light-hearted, and some will be full of darkness, depending on the scene in the story.  

Now that university has ended for me for this semester, I have a lot more time for my hobbies, so you can expect a post from me at least every couple of days (if not more when I’m on a roll).

And yes, resistance was futile.

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