1. Thank you!
      We’re working on number two right now. That is, we wrote it a few months ago and Christian is drawing it now. It should go up in our next Zine, then on the site shortly after.

    2. Haha, no superheroes yet Christine. I’m happy you liked it. We’re working on the second instalment for our December zine. We’ll make sure you get a copy 🙂

  1. Ben, Christian — You two continue to push and evolve Adventure World’s with such passion. I am honored to be a part of this group and to see you guys continue to keep pushing forward is amazing and inspiring. I am extremely excited to see Finders has finally arrived and I cannot wait to see where you take it and your writing. Keep it up Gents. JC

    1. Thanks man. I have a lot I want to do with Finders, but it all hangs on the art. Christian has his writing to worry about and I can’t draw worth a lick. Hopefully we can pique the interest of some of the Drink and Draw folks for a few of the upcoming strips.

    2. Thanks Justin! It’s always nice when those things we sit around and talk endlessly about actually turns into something (it happens so rarely lol)

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