4 thoughts on “Bad Station

  1. My reactions reading this comic:

    Hmm. Those ladies seem like they had a good time at the club.

    Maybe not that one. She seems disappointed with the experience.

    That is probably the worst bathroom going. I would just pee in an alley. Good to be a guy.

    No! Don’t actually sit on the toilet. Gross.

    Wha? Who’s this dude. He’s angry.

    Run – awe, too late.

    Dang. That looks like a bad situation. Cross and everything.

    Oh no.

    Eww. No.

    No, no, no, no.


    That’s what you get.


    That dude sucks.

    Good, creepy story.


    • Thanks man! I’ve been sitting on this one for so long that it’s kinda weird to see it out in the world. Glad you liked it though.

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