Bad Station



This comic is not appropriate for children

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  1. My reactions reading this comic:

    Hmm. Those ladies seem like they had a good time at the club.

    Maybe not that one. She seems disappointed with the experience.

    That is probably the worst bathroom going. I would just pee in an alley. Good to be a guy.

    No! Don’t actually sit on the toilet. Gross.

    Wha? Who’s this dude. He’s angry.

    Run – awe, too late.

    Dang. That looks like a bad situation. Cross and everything.

    Oh no.

    Eww. No.

    No, no, no, no.


    That’s what you get.


    That dude sucks.

    Good, creepy story.


    1. Thanks man! I’ve been sitting on this one for so long that it’s kinda weird to see it out in the world. Glad you liked it though.

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