Just a Little Update

20190215_182705I’m not sure how to start this post. I’m so used to having some concrete things to say on my weekly blogs over on my personal site, but it has been nearly a year since I’ve posted here. I suppose I just want to let any visitors know that Christian and I are still kicking, doing stuff on our own websites, doing lots of stuff in out in the world. We’ve managed to keep the events page on this website updated, so continue to check out what we’re up to there. We’d love to see you at one of our readings, or at some random convention we attend. If you tell me you know us from the Adventure Worlds website, I’ll see if I can’t give you a discount.

Either way, there will be some definitive news coming in the next month from me, and maybe something from Christian before then. I suggested he write a little thing here, but he’s so unaccustomed to writing regular posts on his own blog, I’m not sure he’ll think to carve out the time. As you can imagine, we are both pretty busy. You can read about me complain about that very topic in many of my weekly posts (including the one that came out the same week as this).

20190210_173939We both have projects nearing completion, which is exciting and a little draining. We always have something on the go, and usually multiple things. The next book, an event, outside projects, it really doesn’t end. But in the shuffle, we stopped writing stories for this site. It means that we have actual books, but I haven’t managed to be productive enough to get all the things I currently have on the go done in a timely manner, let alone get out more short stories. There probably won’t be any new stories here any time soon, but Christian and I have so many other things happening, that we wanted to keep a single place for us to send people when we meet them out in the world. Plus, it’s a place with some history and in the future, when we are in need of a digital home for something, I know we will be happy this site is still here.

Maybe I can convince him to take turns writing little news posts here from time to time. We’ll see.

You can catch weekly blog posts from me over at BenVanDongen.com
You can keep up to date with what Christian is up to on ChristianLaforet.com

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