July was Uncommonly Quiet

20190626_214004Hello everyone who will read this. How are you? I’m doing alright, thanks. It’s Ben, here, from Adventure Worlds. After a hectic spring where one of our authors finished a novel (and is shopping that bad boy around) and the other (me) released the second book in his novella series, things are getting a little more quiet than we are used to. With Action Comicon being cancelled, our biggest event for the month is gone. That leaves us with more free time than we’re used to.

That’s probably a good thing. We are both (as always) constantly busy on new projects, old projects, and all the minutia that comes along with it. I, personally, have to order some more copies of The Neon Heart (but I need some of that sweet, sweet money in order to do it). 20190626_191654If you follow our personal blogs (which I recommend you do, I post weekly at BenVanDongen.com and Christian posts regularly at ChristianLaforet.com) you’ll see that this is usually a tumultuous time for our writing. With school out for the summer, Christian has his children to watch (because he insists they are too young to just take care of themselves). For me, the day job ramps up stealing all my free time and ruining my carefully planned schedules. It all comes with the territory, but with less time for writing, having fewer events may not be a bad thing, as long as that trend doesn’t continue. We’re looking at a couple of small things that we can do for the next couple of months, but the next ChiSeries is in early September, 65288805_880362245670483_3794021079601643520_nand that takes more time and planning than you may think and the day before that, we are taking part in a workshop series at Gertrude’s Writing Room.

Hopefully the little break from events will help us keep those projects moving forward. I’ll tell Christian to write something about what he’s working on on his blog, so you can see. I’m still hard at work on an Invasion Novel, with the next novella on the horizon, ready to be written (as you know, the easy part of writing is the actual writing. It’s not. That was a joke).

Okay, we are supposed to keep these posts short (shorter than my regular posts) so I’ll end it here. If an event pops up, it’ll be on the Event Page (a novel place, I know).

Ben out!

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