September Boss Rush!

maxresdefaultIt’s September (even if August was cooler than the heatwave we’re dealing with now). The summer slump is over. Christian and Ben are in the middle of a write-every-day, finish-every-project dash in an attempt to catch up for their slow (though better than average) summer. Christian has the excuse of his children being out of school, but the slacker Ben spent the entire season trying to figure out why he fails so spectacularly. (You can follow his journey on his weekly blog, you know, if you like. You may as well follow Christian too).

A boss rush is a term in video games where the player goes up against several difficult enemies in a row, often seeing end level bosses that they have already fought and defeated. It’s a white knuckle, edge of your seat, push you to the limits challenge. They’re doing that, but with writing. 20190903_203215Teaming up with other local writers including Elly Blake and Brittni Brinn, they have managed to increase productivity by (amazingly) spending more time writing.

Finishing a short story for a collection submission, revamping his horror collection The Space Between Houses (including the addition of never-before-published stories) and working on his new novel, 20190903_175030Christian is managing to squeeze in more writing because his kids are back in school. Ben, on the other hand, has put his novel on hold to finish the first draft of his next sci-fi novella (number three in the Synthetic Albatross series). He’s managing the extra output by not being so lazy.

It’s a mad dash of a month that probably can’t be sustained much beyond September, but hopefully will be a big start to a more productive Autumn and Winter writing seasons. Then again, with more writing comes more editing (as Uncle Ben said to Spider-Man).

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