It’s a New Decade (But it isn’t)

20200102_201209Hey! Welcome to 2020. How are you? We’re doing well, thanks. I know, the weather is awfully weathery, isn’t it? Did you know that, technically, a decade starts on year one? Like, 2021. That’s okay, we can do it all over again next year!

Now that we have the pleasantries aside, it’s time to look at what’s in store for the new year and AWP. Obviously, we can’t spill the beans on everything (especially since not everything has been sorted out) but we can at least give you a heads up on some things you can expect from your boys, Christian (Don’t Bother Me, I’m Working) Laforet and Ben (I need another Coffee) Van Dongen.

Along with several events planned to make up for last year’s drought, some in cities we haven’t been to yet, there are at least two books being released. Also, one book is being shopped to publishers, and three more being written (and hopefully finished, am I right?). We’re waiting to hear about the possibility of being guests at those new conventions and at some of the ones we look forward to each year. We made ourselves a list, trying to get at least one thing every month, but it’s all still up in the air. You know how it goes when you make plans so far in advanced. Things inevitably change.

20191123_124840You will definitely see us at more events this year than last, though, so keep up with our event page and with our Facebook page. Speaking on that Facebook page for a moment. We know not a lot has happened with it over the last year or so. While we don’t want to over promise, we plan on keeping it more updated. Automation is going to be a big help in that area, but some things just have to be done by hand. If you follow either one of us on our individual Facebook pages (here and here) some of the content will be the same, but that’s the way she goes when the two of us are all there is to manage our social media.

On the book front, the ones we can announce are Broadcast Wasteland, the third novella in Ben’s series, and the anticipated re-release of Christian’s The Space Between Houses, newly updated with extra content. Ben hopes to have the novella out in the usual April timetable as the previous ones and Christian is still working on a specific release date for his short story collection. Both should be in the first half of the year, though.

20191123_114911_hdrIn the mean time, we are hard at work on multiple projects each. Also, along with doing edits for each other, we are regularly doing reviews and/or edits for our friends. They do it for us, so it’s only fair. It keeps us busy, but we are all better for it.

If you have any questions or comments for us, please share them. You can do that here, on our own pages, or on one of the many social media platforms that we are tangled into. Except Twitter. Christian will reply there, but Ben rarely checks, so it may sit for some time.

Anyway. Here’s to some exciting things for the new year. Thanks for coming on the ride with us!

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