New Books, Old Books, and a Trip

cover-finalWe’re already into March of 2020 and we here at AWP are starting to build up some steam. With the retreat behind us, we look forward to upcoming events, but even more excitingly, to the new books we have to share.

That being said, we’re pretty excited to be going to Oshawa on the 14th for their local Comic Con. We have only been north of Toronto a couple of times and this will be our first time in Oshawa. We have personal mandate to get to some new places this year and to pick up the number of events we attend. This should be a great start and we’re eager to sell some books.

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for the trip, but not so nice that people won’t want to spend a day inside a convention cenre looking at cool things (like our books).

87845427_10217932836285298_3330433502356176896_oSpeaking of books, Christian Laforet‘s The Space Between Houses is back! Since it’s been sold out for the last couple of years, it has gone through a growth spurt. With a fantastic new cover and more stories, even those of you who have the first edition will want to check it out. If it’s not out by the time this post is up, it should be available shortly.

The next book in the Synthetic Albatross Series, Broadcast Wasteland, by Ben Van Dongen is due out in April. While we don’t want to peg down a date and then have it be the wrong date, but we’re shooting for the first half of the month. We know that some of you are eager for this one, and we are just as psyched to share it (though Ben is reluctant to share the amazing cover too early. We’ll work on him for you).

That’s all for now, but there may be some more exciting news on the horizon. We may just have to do two posts for the month if we sort out the specifics in time.

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