The Newest Books from AWP!

2020 Releases 1

We here at Adventure Worlds Press have managed to have three new releases come out during the pandemic with everyone in quarantine most stores closed for much of that time. I suppose for two of them, we saw the writing on the wall and could have held back the releases, but one of them is mine (it’s Ben writing this if you couldn’t tell from reading any of my other posts) and I have a thing for schedules and rules even when they are arbitrary. My novellas come out in April because that’s when the first one came out so they all have to come out then. Therefore Broadcast Wasteland was released in April.

20191123_114625_hdrChristian’s rerelease of The Space Between Houses in March was just bad timing and Brittni’s new book, A Place That Used to Be, is out now that she actually got the copies that she ordered weeks ago. It’s a sequel to her book, Patch Project that originally came out through Edge Publishing, but she’s going to rerelease the first book through AWP to coincide with the new one. Chances are that when it comes out, some version of quarantine will still be going on as well.

A word about Adventure Worlds Press before I get too far off the topic. Brittni came up with a great term for it that quite nicely sums up what we do and how we do it. A publishing collective. We each provide a service to the others to help get our books released and we do it under a shared banner. It’s a bit like self-publishing wearing the clothes of a traditional press. We are each responsible for our own books, our own sales, and our own marketing, but we help each other out which makes everything much easier.

20191123_124845Back to the pandemic releases. Due to having our books come out during a quarantine, we haven’t been able to have any official events. Usually we do a launch and try to take part in other readings, markets, and fairs that may be going on at the same time. We can’t really do any of that right now, so our books have been in a holding pattern. With that in mind, the three newest books from Adventure Worlds Press are all available now. Perhaps over the next couple of months we can do a rundown of each one, what they are about, and where you can get them. For now, they are all available online and the details are available on this very website here, here, and here. I bet you’re going to like at least one of them!

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