Adventure on the Horizon

frontWhile we here at Adventure Worlds Press eagerly await the release of Where Long Shadows End, the newest Patch Project book from author Brittni Brinn, we’ve started to look to the future. With The Patch Project Series ending and no Synthetic Albatross book to look forward to, we started to wonder what we’re going to do for next year.

We’ve been hotly discussing our options and right now, the front-runner is a new short story collection. We love No Light Tomorrow, but we can be honest. It’s a little last week and having only two authors in an Anthology is thinking small.

What we want to do for next year is something a little bigger. You can expect stories from your favourite AWP authors, be we’re also looking outside our small circle to get stories from other amazing authors.

20220414_161444_hdrWe don’t have a date or name in mind. We just wanted to put out this little tease to make sure you knew that we’re still planning on releasing a book in 2023 that you’ll want to devour and put up on your shelf.

In the meantime, you have Where Long Shadows End to look forward to, and thankfully it won’t be a long wait. Expect news on that release in the next few weeks. While you wait, why not check out our latest release, Snow from a Distant Sky?

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