Assimilated into the Collective

Hello everyone!

I’m the Alanna that Ben was mentioning.  I’m excited to join in the adventure here, and I hope to add some excitement and intrigue with my own literary works on this blog.

A little about me:  I’ve been writing, essentially, since I was fourteen.  It didn’t take the traditional form for most of these years, however.  I have been a text roleplayer for many years.  Now, you may think that sounds pretty geeky, and while it (proudly) is, it actually gave me a wonderful foundation for using a keyboard to allow words to flow with characters that would take on lives of their own.  Some of my works will be stories about the many characters I have played, as I’ve always wanted to turn their tales into longer (and interesting) stories.  Some of my works will be fresh and new, occasionally I am going to try and begin from a cue from another writer’s stories (from here), and make that a jumping off point for a short story of my own.  I’ll admit, I’m not overly wonderful at writing short stories – you see, my stories tend to take on a bigger-than-life-essence, and I always find it hard to give up characters to a single story.  However, this is all about developing as a writer, so it’s something new I plan on trying in between some of my old tried and true methods. Continue reading