Two Weeks to Dav

Varner was happy to be alive. It wasn’t something he would usually admit to but, after such an intense battle, it was the truth. And really, it was the best case scenario in any war; the other option was being dead and that wasn’t going to work.

Climbing from the pilot’s seat, Varner took a moment to let the events of the previous hour take hold in his mind. He had been expecting some sort of trouble once he hit the blockade but having made successful runs to Norriv IX in the past, he felt he could handle it. His ship was not the fastest vessel out there, and by no means the most equipped for battle, but he was pretty damn sure he was the best pilot in the galaxy. It was that (self-proclaimed) status that had seen him through the unwelcome surprise that was waiting for him when he exited warp space. Varner was stunned when, not one, but two Alliance Warships loomed before him. Continue reading