The Intrepid Explorer

By Michael Drakich


William Lassell, as always, was watching. Whatever would occur would happen, soon.


Bartholomew could see the faint light. He knew he was close. He needed to intensify his digging. The cold felt so intense. He didn’t know if his strength would last. And damn it! Why was it so cold?

“Bartholomew Higginbottom, you are a fool.”

Bartholomew pondered the remark from his close friend. Was he merely being exaggerative in playful banter or was he serious? “Winston, my friend, suffice it to say, I have never been clearer in thought.”

“Nevertheless, you risk much in this venture of yours. Yes, I know you are the great adventurer. You have traveled the world, taken all the dares, and conquered all the challenges. But this time you go too far.”

He knew that. But when he discovered a great open space lay beneath the ice field, the trailblazer in him had to see. A miner had run bore tests on the glacier to see what lay beneath and, lo and behold, discovered there was…nothing! “Winston, you are not the risk taker I am, that is for sure. But you cannot deny the proof a vast, unexplored area lies beneath the ice. The reports state the miner bored no less than twenty holes over a large area and came up with the same result every time.”

“Yes, you have shown me that report many times. What more have you to prove though? You have braved all the dangers this world has to offer, from jungles to volcanoes, explored the deepest waters and captured the wildest of creatures. You have become…extraordinary. Yours is a household name. Bartholomew Higginbottom, the intrepid explorer, that’s what they call you.” Continue reading