Horror story

A Halloween Story

By Christian Laforet

Spider-man and Dracula stepped off the porch.

“What did she give us? I can’t see.” Dave pulled his Spider-man mask to adjust the eye holes.

“Take your stupid mask off, we’re not even at the door anymore.” Twin lines of spit dribbled down Rob’s chin from where his plastic fangs poked out past his lips.

Dave shook his head emphatically. “Sorry dude, with great power comes great responsibility.”

Rob raised his arms and looked around with exaggerated movements. “There aren’t even anymore houses on this street.”

Behind them, two Batmans, a Transformer and Princess Bubblegum ran up to the steps. (more…)


By Christian Laforet

Maggie hid in the hallway closet. It wasn’t the best hiding spot, but the masked lunatic who had greeted her shortly after returning home, had left her few options. (more…)