By Christian Laforet

The girl picked up the boy in her parents car. It was a cream coloured Dynasty with a deep red interior (classy). Their destination was Jackson Park. Being fairly anti-social people, the boy and girl had decided the best way to spend New Year’s Eve was together, away from the crowds (This was probably more for the boy’s benefit, but hey, whatever worked).

They’d known each other since grade school, and had even dated for a time back then. It wasn’t serious though and had quietly transitioned into just being friends. Back then they were in the same class and lived very close to each other; just a quick two block jaunt up the street (or down it, depending on who you asked) away. Riding bikes, going for walks, or just hanging out in the girl’s garage were staples of their activities.

Things changed when they hit high school though. The girl decided to go to the same school as her brothers before her, while the boy felt it would be better to follow most of his grade school chums and go to the closer option. They still talked on the phone… a lot, but the physical presence was gone. Continue reading