Beyond Termination – Part Three

Alice stormed into the Complex, suffering a headache and a bad temper. The guards hadn’t explained to her what was going on, which was what lead to the pain in her head. She had tried to make an escape which had caused one of her over protective companions to knock her unconscious. Alice awoke to find the guards were under directives from the Administrator himself. Even so, that didn’t make the kidnapping, or the feeling of her head splitting, justified.

The Liaison burst into the Hangar, taking control of the place as she had in the past. A scowl was already on her lips, which made quite a few people in the room stand stiffer, snapping to attention. Continue reading

Beyond Termination – Part Two

The ride to the city was long. Alice had tried to make small talk with the two guards who escorted her back; one was driving, the other was sitting in the passenger seat, leaving her alone in the back of the vehicle. Her nervous chatter was met with silence, and she soon gave up, resigning herself to stare out the window as they made their way out of the military complex and into the long expanse of the highway that would lead into the city.

With the two guards unresponsive, the trip felt like an eternity. Left with only her thoughts, Alice frowned. She worried for Map, and still couldn’t shake the sadness she was feeling. That was the last time she’d ever see him, and that didn’t sit well with her. It was what she had signed up for, though, and Alice knew this would happen someday. Continue reading