Local Anthology Features AWP Author

Coming up this Thursday, June 17th, Mirror World Publishing is releasing Far, Far Away, a Science Fiction/ Fantasy anthology featuring 7 imaginative stories of escape and adventure – including one by our very own Brittni Brinn!

The launch will be held on Facebook throughout the day with a Live event at 5 pm EST. You can join the event here!

Graphic by Mirror World Publishing

As we get into the summer months, our Adventure Worlds Press authors are working hard on finishing up projects and starting some new ones! Stay tuned for more AWP news and upcoming publications!

Titan Run Part Four

Once Kayla got all her paperwork sorted at the monitoring station and retrieved her beacon, she decided to head towards the food court before grabbing her supplies. The race lasted up to 24 hours with all the obstacles, and as her father used to say, ‘You can never be too prepared.”
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Titan Run Part Three

Titan Run Part Three

Martin Sr. thought about how he hadn’t really taken a strong interest in the case surrounding his younger brothers incident. They got along well enough when they were younger.

When their mother passed away and their father was still heavily into his command. The two of them were sent off to the Academy on Mars, where their bond grew weaker. That didn’t change the fact that they were brothers, and he loved him. Continue reading

Don’t Pick Things up from Other Dimensions – Part One

By Ben V

A red light mounted on the wall flashed as an announcement warned the guards that the door would be opening in fifteen minutes.  It reminded them to double check their gear before the nightly orientation.

The room was simple.  A large door took up an entire wall and separated the bureau, and the outside world, from zone five.  Two rows of benches lined up facing the door where the guards sat and waited for their shift to start.  A single door led off to the locker rooms.  It was the only way into the staging area and the huge blast door was the only way into the fifth zone.  The afternoon shift was ending and the night guards were preparing to take over, some of them for the first time.  Six guards sat quietly waiting for the trainer to give the final announcement.  Continue reading

Titan Run Part Two

She remembered the stories that her father used to tell her about the construction of the moon bases throughout the solar system. Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, was their first attempt to build something more than just a base, it became a city, a ‘metropolis’. It spanned a huge part of the moon’s surface and housed well over fifty-thousand sentient life forms. Continue reading

Two Weeks to Dav

Varner was happy to be alive. It wasn’t something he would usually admit to but, after such an intense battle, it was the truth. And really, it was the best case scenario in any war; the other option was being dead and that wasn’t going to work.

Climbing from the pilot’s seat, Varner took a moment to let the events of the previous hour take hold in his mind. He had been expecting some sort of trouble once he hit the blockade but having made successful runs to Norriv IX in the past, he felt he could handle it. His ship was not the fastest vessel out there, and by no means the most equipped for battle, but he was pretty damn sure he was the best pilot in the galaxy. It was that (self-proclaimed) status that had seen him through the unwelcome surprise that was waiting for him when he exited warp space. Varner was stunned when, not one, but two Alliance Warships loomed before him. Continue reading

The Star That was the Sun – Part One

Ben V.

The room was cold.  Paul could see his breath billow out and fade away.  He hadn’t been so close to the surface since the evacuation.  With the sun dimming the surface was a cold inhospitable expanse.  He couldn’t tell how close to the surface he actually was but the chill in the air along with the level of security in the halls told him he was closer than he would have liked.

He was in a sparse room.  The walls were bare and Paul sat at one of the two simple metal chairs that were on either side of a metal table.  There was nothing else in the room but the intermittent cloud of Paul’s breath.  He sat quietly and wondered why he had been sent for.  It had been nearly an hour, in Paul’s best guess, since he had been at his post in the filtration plant.  He felt his bracelet buzz and went to the guard station.  They directed him to the elevator and he was ushered into the room.  Paul hoped his time was being counted but doubted it.  Everyone had to take a rotating shift at the plants that provided the refugees with water, food, and air.  Paul was debating asking someone if this counted towards his time when the door opened to a man dressed in a military uniform. Continue reading

As Big As Love

I pull down her pants. A thatch of curly brown hair greets me. I lean in and inhale her, she smells like twilight after the rain, like a dream barely gleamed, like heaven. I have never loved until this moment, I realize that now, I was like an infant playing with the concept of God; I had not even began to fully understand what the word meant until this very moment.


Inside the pod a light begins to flash, it has been programmed for this purpose. A series of very specific bursts of illumination begins a cascade of synaptic nerves firing. Neurotransmitters carry complex signals to the brain. Within moments, the man in the pod begins to stir.

His sleep has been the thing of fables; it has been that of gods and trolls, dragons and beauties. During his slumber, religions, empires, races have all risen and fallen. Continue reading