The Fifth Monday – Part Two

By Alanna Piche

Looking in the mirror, Cerise gave a sigh of resignation.  She couldn’t believe the lengths she had to go, especially ones involving wearing a vinyl maid’s outfit.  Getting close enough to him would be hard otherwise, and this would make it much easier.  Hell, this would make it impossible not to be close to him.

“C, report,” a voice crackled, cutting into her thoughts.

“I’ve narrowed down the target, and will intercept tonight,” she replied, still fussing with the costume as she turned side to side in front of the mirror. Continue reading

The Fifth Monday – Part 1

By Christian Laforet

“Another goddamn Monday,” Andy spoke to the empty bedroom as dragged himself out of bed.

An ill-planned bachelor party had kept him up half the night; who the hell has a bachelor party on a Sunday, anyways? It was hard enough starting a new week without a severe hangover.

A belch, which could strip the paint off the walls, blew past Andy’s lips. Continue reading