All These Crooked Streets

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All These Crooked Streets
A Collection of Three Crime Novellas

“The stories in All These Crooked Streets start with the familiar, then twist it into something fresh through assured and engaging storytelling. A fascinating glimpse into the seedier elements that exists in the shadows of our day-to-day lives.”

– Craig Shreve (One Night in Mississippi)


The streets we walk upon lead to many different places. A strip club off the highway during a blizzard. A cold case, thirty years unsolved. A photographer, in over his head. Three tales of bad decisions, poor choices and the lure of easy money. Authors Christian Laforet, Edmond Gagnon and Ben Van Dongen shine a spotlight on the seedy underworld hiding around the corner…in the shadows. It’s easy to become lost on All These Crooked Streets



Available at:

Devonshire Mall, 3100 Howard, Windsor, ON

1520 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON

St. Clair Shores Shopping Centre, 194 Commercial Blvd., Tecumseh, ON


Christian Laforet

(The Space Between Houses, No Light Tomorrow)


Christian Laforet lives in LaSalle, Ontario with his wife, Lady, and his two girls, Lelaina Blue and Delilah Sunshine. When not writing books, he spends an exorbitant amount of time watching horror movies and playing video games.


Edmond Gagnon

(A Casual Traveler, Rat: A Cop’s Secret Weapon, Torch, Bloody Friday, Finding Hope)

6623855Ed was a police officer for 31 years. Upon his retirement he traveled the world and wrote a collection of travel stories called, “A Casual Traveler.” He decided to share some of his police stories and started his Black & White Crime Series with Rat, Bloody Friday, Torch, and Finding Hope.

Ben Van Dongen

(No Light Tomorrow, The Thinking Machine)

Ben Van Dongen was born in Windsor Ontario. He likes to think that if he tried harder he could have been an Astronaut, but he is happier writing science fiction anyway. He co-authored the books No Light Tomorrow and All These Crooked Streets, and is one half of the founding team of Adventure Worlds Press. His newest book, The Thinking Machine, a cyberpunk novella, is out now. You can read more crazy notions on his web-site: