The Patch Project

The Patch Project
A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

Revised edition from Adventure Worlds Press

After a mysterious disaster erases most of the world, five survivors find themselves in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A married couple are trapped in their domestic setting. Two punks wander the wasteland, pushed further west by fears of retribution. A video game designer, used to living the high life in the city, is stranded at a highway gas station.

Not only do they have hunger and loss to deal with, but some of them have developed strange new abilities that they are only beginning to understand. Their interwoven stories explore the human need for purpose and hope for a better world. In this revised edition of Brittni Brinn’s introspective debut, everyone will have to face who they have become in order to survive.



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Dartmouth Book Exchange

1187A Cole Harbour Rd, Dartmouth, NS B2V 1E8

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Brittni Brinn

(A Place That Used to Be)

Brittni Brinn Author Photo

Brittni Brinn (she/her) writes science fiction. She has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Windsor. Her interests include rocks kicked up by the ocean, books from friends, and comfortable sweaters. She lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two cats.