The Dale of Five Worlds (Part 3)

By Christian Laforet

The lift descended into the blackened earth. Felicia and Robi-Jo stood rigidly between the armed men. Overhead, through rusted mesh speakers, crappy pop music assaulted their ears.

“So…what do you guys do for fun around here?” Felicia flashed a smile to the man on her left. A grunt and a don’t-talk-to-me glare shot back.

The elevator came to a grinding halt. As soon as the doors opened, the guards shoved the girls out.

“Wow!” Robi whistled as she and Felicia entered a massive foyer lined with various doors on either side, a huge, spiraled staircase at the back and a dozen marble statues stationed at even intervals along the walls.

One of the guards exited the lift with the girls.

“You think that’s The Sensation?” Robi-Jo pointed towards one of the statues.

“Jeez, I hope not. That guy looks a teenager.”

“No talking!” the guard barked.

The armed man led them down a series of labyrinthine corridors until finally coming to a stop at a set of silver doors which stretched almost all the way to the arched ceiling.

Felicia caressed the precious metal of the door. “Holy smokes! Is this real silver?”

“Shut up.” The guard pushed the door open, then nudged the girls inside.

The harem was a lavish display of comfort. Luxurious beds and couches were positioned around the room. Trays of food and a fully stocked cabinet of fine wines and spirits stood at each end of the space.

“Hey, booze!” Felicia started towards the bar.

“There will be time for that later,” the guard grunted. “First, you are to get changed—clothes are located in the closets, and then you will be brought to see The Sensation.”

The man left the room with a promise to return in five minutes time.

Checking out the drink selection, Felicia popped a grape from one of the food trays into her mouth. “You know, maybe we’re being too hard on this Jordan guy. I mean, he knows how to live, am I right?”

Robi cleared her throat. When Felicia turned she saw her friend standing in front of one of the closets. Still chewing the fruit, she asked, “Why are you holding those strings.”

“Oh, these? They’re just our clothes.”

Felicia spit out her grapes. “We need to get out of here!”

They looked around the room, but it quickly became apparent that the only way in or out was the door they entered through.

“What are we going to do?” Felicia paced before one of the beds, the skimpy outfit tossed on the edge.

“You heard Sam, we need those Dale pieces. And the only way we can get them is to see The Sensation.”

Felicia shook her head. “No no no-”

“Yep,” Robi-Jo said as she twirled the string from a gold-thread thong around the end of her finger. “It’s time to bring the sexy.”

The guard gave the door one loud knock before pushing it open. He immediately felt his face flush at the sight of the two girls waiting on the other side.

“Hey, eyes up her, buddy!” Felicia directed a finger towards her face.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…” the guard stuttered, “you two may be the prettiest of all The Sensation’s concubines.”

“You’re damn right we are!” Robi struck a pose. “Now, take us to see The Sensation.”

Another winding trek through the halls of the opulent palace brought the girls to new set of doors. These ones dwarfed the pair leading into the harem, and were completely made of gold.

As soon as they entered the room, a voice rang out. “Hello, ladies. I was thrilled when informed of the two newest additions to my menagerie.”

The room was separated into three sections—a bedroom, an office and a bathroom. The space was the very definition of extravagance. Various trophies lined the shelves of the room, it appeared as though The Sensation was an accomplished athlete. The real highlight however, were the floor to ceiling windows which made up an entire wall of The Sensation’s quarters. Flashes of red light reflected off the glass from the river of lava roiling below.

From behind a wide, obsidian desk, The Sensation walked around to meet the girls.

“Oh man, he is a teenager,” Felicia whispered into Robi-Jo’s ear.

The Sensation flicked his hand at the guard. “You’re presence is no longer warranted.”

“I’m sorry, your Sensationship, but for your protection, I’m afraid I must stay.” The quiver in the man’s voice spoke volumes to the girls about what happened to those who opposed The Sensation’s will.

The young ruler frowned at his subordinate. “Are you kidding? What, you think they’re concealing weapons.” At that he snapped the strap of Robi’s top.

Felicia winced as she expected Robi to deck the guy, instead, her friend put on the cutest smile she could manage and laughed it off.

“I…yes, of course. I apologize.” The guard bowed and made a hasty retreat.

“So, my little vixens, what should we do first?” The Sensation strolled across the marble floor, and leaned on his desk.

Gritting her teeth, Robi-Jo let out a demure purr. “Whatever you want, big boy.”

The Sensation smiled. “Well, I can assure you, I am a man with many needs.”

During the exchange, Felicia scanned the room in search of the Dale pieces. Before she had vanished, Sam had said that The Sensation had kept hEarth’s version of Dale’s arms and legs. It didn’t take long to spot the appendages. The Sensation had turned them into trophies. The limbs stood erect next to the big window, they had been dipped in gold.

“So, shall we dispense with the pleasantries and get down to the main event?” The Sensation sauntered towards his plush bed, throwing himself across its top. Once settled, he beckoned the girls with his index finger.

“Oh yeah, big time sexy business coming your way pal…but, could you give us a minute?” Felicia blew The Sensation a kiss before grabbing Robi-Jo’s arm and turning away from the bed.

“I found the Dale parts!” Felicia whispered.

“What? Where?”

“Take a look by the window.”

Robi snuck a peek over towards the macabre trophies. “Okay, so, now what do we do?”

“Here’s the plan.” Felicia rubbed her hands together, her tone conspiratorial. “You go over there and flash him your bits. While you do that, I’ll snatch the Dale parts.”

Robi’s response came in the form of a very unamused expression.

Felicia raised her hands defensively. “Jeez, I’m just brain storming here. I’m not hearing anything from you.”

“How about this.” A wicked smile spread across Robi’s face.

“What? How about what? You didn’t say what the ‘this’ was.”

Felicia was still talking as Robi pushed her towards The Sensation. “Here ya go, buddy, she’s all yours.”

The teenaged dictator chuckled. “Ladies, there is more than ample amounts of me to go around.”

“Oh, hey there, grabby hands.” Felicia pushed The Sensation further onto the bed so that his view would be obstructed from their true intentions. Turning her head to face Robi-Jo, she mouthed you’re dead.

Robi wasted no time in snatching Dale’s arms and legs from their home by the window. They had been attached to marble bases which were secured to the floor. It took Robi a considerable amount of effort to free them. Once she had all four peices, she cleared her throat to get Felicia’s attention.

Just as The Sensation was coming in for a kiss, his tongue flapping around desperately like the wings of a baby bird, Felicia grabbed him by the arms and rolled him towards the side of the bed. Once there, she yanked one of the trophies from a night stand and whacked him on the head with it. The Sensation went limp.

The girls headed for the door, but only made it a couple of feet before a shout stopped them in their tracks. The Sensation stumbled from around his bed, a trickle of blood running down his forehead.

“I knew it was too good to be true. We don’t get specimens as succulent as you here on hEarth. You’re here to steal my Dale parts!” The young man charged across to his desk, toggled a small switch located across its surface. Moments later, the golden doors opened up and the armed guard appeared.

Robi adjusted the severed limbs in her arms before looking at Felicia. “I guess we’re about to die. I still think this is all your fault.”

“What? Really with that? Whatevs.”

The guard took one shaky step into the room before his head rolled forward and bounced on the floor. Standing behind him was Sam, her sword tarnished with the man’s blood.

“Sam!” The girls shouted in unison.

“I’ve never been so happy to see a guy get his head cut off.” Felicia jumped with excitement.

Sam hurried fully into the room, sheathed her sword and pushed the doors closed.

“Alright, another sexy lady.” The Sensation blew Sam a kiss.

Sam shuddered. “I wish there was time to kill you.”

“There’s time,” Felicia said encouragingly.

“Nope.” Sam ran towards the girls, all the while, holding a small device in her hands. As soon as she was next to them, she pressed a button on it.

It started deep in the palace, clearly many levels below them, but quickly grew to encompass the entire structure. A loud bang followed by tremendous shaking which caused the massive window behind the desk to shatter. A wave of heat filled the room.

Robi-Jo was in the process of asking what had just happened, but was cut off as Sam grabbed her and Felicia and charged towards the busted out window.

“I’ve rigged the entire palace to explode. This guy sold out his whole world, I had to bring him down.” Sam spoke quickly.

Felicia let out a maniacal laugh. “You hear that, Jordan? This place is gonna blow, so suck it, loser.” Her mirth was lost as the words actually sunk in though. “Hey, wait, did you say explode?”

Sam leapt through the open window, dragging the screaming girls with her.

The river of lava rushed up to meet them as the metallic palace exploded in a ball of fire behind them.

To Be Continued!

Christian Laforet is the author of the short horror collection, The Space Between Houses and co-founder of Adventure Worlds.

The Space Between Houses is available through Amazon:

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