Genre Mash-Up! workshop.



Back in January, Ben and Christian were asked to host a workshop for Gertrude’s Writing Room. The evening focused on Science Fiction and Horror writing and was a blast. It was so fun, in fact, that they’ve been asked to do it again. This time as part of a month-long series of workshops called the Genre Mash-Up!

The series begins with the boys returning to dish out a second helping of the spooky, weird and futuristic, and then continues each week with workshops on: Poetry, Fiction and Screen Writing. From fine literary talents as: Vanessa Shields, Casey Plett and Nick Shields.


Each class runs two hours and costs $140 for the entire month’s worth of workshops. Gertrude’s Writing Room is a fantastic place and always delivers quality classes. If you are interested in any of the topics mentioned above, it is very much worth checking out.

For more on Gertrude’s Writing Room, the Genre Mash-Up! Head over to their web page Gertrude’s Writing Room.



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